6 Super Healthy Foods to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair Fast

Hair fall is the most common almost 4 out 5 facing it in everyday life. Though there are different ways to tackle with hair fall problem, taking proper nutritious diet will get you excellent results. Here are 6 Super Health Foods to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair Fast at home.

#1: Almonds

Sufficient proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamin E in almonds absolutely stops hair breakage and supplies hair its required nutrients. Soak 2-3 almondsovernight and intake it along with the soaked water everyday morning. Hair strands and scalp gets perfect nourishment which leads to zero hair fall and quick hair regrowth.

#2: Oats & Wheat

Fiber rich oats and wheat naturally preserves hair from many hair problems like dandruff, dry hair, splitens etc. Good amounts of fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium are enriched in oats and wheat. Intaking them every day not only helps for weight loss but also serves for hair health.

#3: Fish

Most essential nutrients required for hair health is protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Protein helps for maintaining hair health and Omega-3 helps to boost up soft, shiny and silky hair. Good and natural amount of proteins and omega-3 content in fish will prevent hair damages and keeps hair shiny soft and dense.

#4: Milk & Egg

Calcium rich milk and egg in your diet will make wonders by showering abundant health benefits. Your body will get good amounts of essential nutrients from egg and milk. Intaking milk and egg completely puts down your hair fall problem quickly also helps regrow hair fast.

#5: Carrot

Carrots are not only good for improving your vision power, it also greatly helps to stop hair fall especially after pregnancy. Vitamin A in carrots aids hair to secrete natural oil from scalp which will keep hair scalp healthy also helps to retain original hair color.

#6: Raisins

Sweetish raisins has more Iron content which is utmost essential for the body. Iron will improve the hemoglobin level which helps you to stay away many health ailments. Hair strands gets strengthened of eating raisins as Iron in it helps for proper blood circulation.

Enjoy super-beneficial results by adding these 6 Super Healthy Foods and Stop Hair Fall, Regrow Hair Fast in a week!

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