Advantages of Heat Recovery System

The level of pollution increasing and with the depletion of resources, a lot of effort and research goes into finding ways in which the energy consumption can be reduced by wasting less and less energy. A house or any building needs to be insulated but a good ventilation system is also a necessity.

Nowadays all of the buildings are designed with the insulation technology. They keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside but with all the warm air trapped inside there needs to be ventilated. The heat recovery system is a very good and cost effective solution to support the air extraction and also ventilation. Having this system is not only necessary for healthy environment but it also reduces the energy consumption considerably. This reduces the electricity bills helping you save a decent amount of money. The heat does not get wasted and can be utilized smartly.

The system works in a simple way. The polluted air is removed from the building continuously. This air is vented through the ceiling and the wall mounted grating. The air goes through the ducts and then a rigid silencer moving to the unit which recovers the heat. After that it goes through a rotary wheel heat exchanger. The air is then ejected in to the cold air which is enters the house from outside. The air is totally filtered after passing through the whole process and then it is warmed to the desired temperature using either electric heater coil or the water heater coil. This air is again pumped into the rigid silencer and the supply duct completing the cycle of heat recovery.

Installing this system has multiple advantages. They keep the building nice and warm. His keeps you from utilizing extra energy to keep the building warm especially if you have a big building. The cost of energy consumption is really high and in order to reduce this is the best alternative. If you install this system you do not need to consume extra energy by installing the central heating system or the fuel burning system. If your building is in a colder area then this comes in very handy in saving a lot of money. Even in the summer this system allows the cool air to flow back into the building reduces the burden on the commercial air conditioning.
Another advantage is that it keeps the extra moisture out of the building which keeps the building from becoming damp and from damage. It is not only good for the building and the furniture but also for your health. These systems are a little expensive to install but the advantages of the system greatly outweigh the initial cost of the system. So if you want a healthier environment along with reduced electricity bills then this is a very good option to go with.

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