Argentina reciprocity fee to discover this amazing land

Argentina is the land of thousand of color and beautiful views. Different type of climate and nature are mixed with different type of landscape, creating amazing scenes. Go there is really simple, also if you are from USA, Canada or Australia; in these three cases you need argentina reciprocity fee to enter in the Country, but it is really simple to get that document.

The companies that take up all the process to give you the visa, have putted together a really easy way to do get it. You just have to fill all the information in the web site, pay the taxes and then the permission to enter in the Country will arrive at you place from post services.
The payment changes between the Country: Canadian people have to pay 92$, Australian people have to pay 100$, and USA people have to pay more than the other: 160$. The commission fee is 20$.

Anyway, the idea of the post is to show you the most beautiful and interesting things you can do in Argentina:

1. You have to visit Perrito Moreno Glacier. An authentic paradise, deep into the glace. Is considered one of the most beautiful things to see in the all World, and all the people who traveled there was impression from the magnificent of that huge glacier.

2. Of course you have to visit Buenos Aires with its amazing street, like Calle Caminito. You will get impressive from the colorful buildings of this street and you can fell the real Argentinean sensation and culture.

3. Then, you have to go in some Bolera, seeing Argentinean dangers perform tango. Everybody knows that Argentinean tango is the most famous in the world, and there is considered a part of culture and tradition. People used to perform this dance, in the most terrible periods of the Country, considering the only way to express passion, feelings and sensations and get better. So, we can say that is a type of dance connecting to bad feelings, but maybe for this reason is become so famous. Nowadays tango is considered a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

4. You cannot come back in your Country before to try Argentinean Gastronomy. Typical dishes are really tasty and delicious, and you cannot miss the opportunity to try typical food of Argentina: empanadillas, puchero, Argentinean roast beef (asado argentino), etc.
To enjoy this magical Country and have the opportunity to visit its amazing places, you just have to submit to the page of Argentina reciprocity fee, waiting for your argentina visa and reserve your flights.

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