Which is the best age to Get Pregnant First Time?

To know which is the best age to get pregnant first time, it is good to know the gynecological facts behind a pregnancy. The question about getting pregnant arises to any female once they think about their marriage or about their health. We have heard that getting pregnant at late ages are risky and not advisable. However, getting pregnant at every age comes with certain advantage and disadvantage. Even if it is at your earlier age, it has pros and cons. Well, the time and biology is in your favor if you are getting pregnant in your 20s.

Let us see the best age to get pregnant first time in a biological perspective. Other than the health point of view there are many other perspectives that make you to decide your pregnancy wish.

When a female is born, she is born with all the eggs like any other women. Biologically, when a girl is born she will have about 1 million (10,00,000) eggs and it comes to a level numbering to 3,00,000 eggs when she reaches her puberty. While she is in her reproductive age, only about 300 eggs are being released from her ovaries.

Experts say that the best age to get pregnant is mid 20s. That is, fertility is at her peak for a woman in her age between 24 to 25.

As you get older, like every other organ in your body, your ovaries get older as well and the eggs become less compatible to get pregnant. The advantage of getting pregnant at younger age is the viability of your eggs that gives you less chance to have genetic abnormalities in your baby. Getting pregnant in 20s is healthier as you are less likely to have Down Syndrome and other birth defects which are mentioned to be genetic.

Other than the advantages of healthier babies, there are concerns about miscarriages. Statistically, the risk factor is just about 10 percent in 20s as far as miscarriages are concerned. It is about 20 percent in your mid-to-late 30s. The risk level is about 35 percent for women in their early 40s.

On a comparative note, women in 20s are less prone to premature deliveries and delivering low-weight babies than women delivering after 35.

Pregnancy becomes an easier activity for women in 20s as they are usually healthy and are away from health complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure etc. Other than these, women in 20s are less likely to have fibroids and endometriosis that usually progresses over a period of time and becomes a problem.

After delivering the baby, 20s women are more resilient to cope up with the changes in the schedule. During night hours, if you are active and healthy, you can wake up with the baby a couple of times that keeps both mom and infant comfortable.

From a biological perspective, it is better to have your pregnancy in your earlier age. However, these are all physical and biological views. Other than these, it is all left to your comfort level to make a choice of getting pregnant. It is a very common question that rings into a girl’s mind to know which is the best age to get pregnant first time? The answer is 20s, however 40s are not ruled out if you are compatible enough.

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