A boon for Instagram users: Add and switch accounts

”Social media is not a one size fits all! You are the difference. You have to show up and share you.”

In the past few years, social media has changed drastically. It has transformed from an engagement tool to online media. Now-a-days, people are seeing news that flashes on various social sites rather than Google or any other news portal. In fact, many brands are switching to these social platforms to market their products and services.

Social media – an integrated marketing strategy!
Do you know that 90% of brands deploy the power of social media for their business. It has now been accepted that advertising has to be one of the marketing strategies on social sites as social ads are highly achievable.

Instagram – latest updates
Last year, Instagram opened its gates for businesses to sponsor ads and it proved to be a big hit due to its huge user base. According to a survey, Instagram ads had already made an impressive amount of $595 million in 2015 and are expected to grow more in 2016. The forecast has also predicted a revenue of approximately $2.81 billion by 2017.

With 85 percent of top companies and brands are throwing their weight on Instagram, the most popular social media posts are hitting on this platform.

A Boon For Social Media Managers
Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram too now, has come up with a flexibility to manage multiple social accounts concurrently. As Instagram is gaining popularity, entrepreneurs were waiting fiercely to manage separate accounts simultaneously. And here, it is!

Add and Switch accounts
It is a process of a couple of minutes.
Go to your profile account settings and you will find the ”Add account” option over there. Tap it and enter the username and password of the accounts you would like to add. This is a process of adding accounts and you can add up to five accounts, which is quite a decent and reasonable thing.

For switching to a different account, you have to go to your profile, tap the username and it will land you on a different account. Isn’t it simple?

This is a blessing for social media managers and it will definitely increase the statistics of top Instagram posts.

Earlier, it was a rigorous process to do marketing on this photo sharing app that has now turned out to be pleasing and gratifying. Time flies and who knows what will be the next change in this social media world?

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