What to Consider When Buying Functional Slippers

Functional slippers, or flip-flops, or sandals depending on the country that you come from, are a convenient yet highly functional type of footwear that you can use in practically any environment. Whether you just want to go to the beach, head out for a long walk, or go to the store, they will deliver good levels of comfort combined with some pretty solid durability.

However, just what do you need to consider before purchasing a pair at your local store? Read on and you will learn some pointers!

What Purpose Do You Need Them For?

Your first consideration when purchasing some functional slippers is that of what you are planning to use them for. Are they going to be for extraneous walking? Will they be used just on occasions? Will you be wearing them on slippery surfaces?

These questions will always need to be answered as you will need slippers that are more durable if you plan to use them on a regular basis. You will also need to purchase functional slippers that have an outsole that has an anti-slip feature.

Are They Comfortable?

Whenever you are going to wear something on your feet whether they are shoes or slippers, you will always want to ensure that they are comfortable and fit your feet nicely. This is not always so important if you are only going to wear them for a couple of hours but if you are planning wearing them for an extended period it is vital.

What Materials are The Slippers Made From?

Functional slippers can be made from a wide variety of materials but you will obviously want something that is strong, durable and resistant to water, oils, and detergents.

A good place to start would be eco-friendly PU for the middle sole and some tough high density PU for the outer skin of the slippers. You will find that these materials will offer great resistance to water, oil, and detergents with ease. Artificial leather is always a good option for the inner sole as well, as this will aid comfort and strength of the slipper.

Do You Like the Look of Them?

The look of a slipper really should be one of the top considerations before buying them but substance should always come before style. Ideally you will find something that offers a good balance between the two. Slippers come in kinds of shapes and sizes and it will ultimately come down to the sort of style and color scheme that you prefer.


Deciding which functional slippers to buy does not need to involve a huge decision making process but as long as you remember the fundamentals above you should be fine. Just look for something comfortable that suits your style and is made from good quality materials that provide a durable option for your feet.

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