Do’s And Dont’s Of Hair Care For Children

Parents invest in the child’s education and overall development, it is vital that the child develops habits and therefore, a lifestyle of self-care that will go a long way in boosting the self-confidence of the child in her growing years. In closing, radiant skin and healthy hair, though seemingly external does play a huge role in determining a child’s self-esteem and self-image. Here are some do’s and dont’s of hair care for children.

Do’s Of Hair Care For Children

• Do continue hair oil massages for the child. Similar to bodily oil massage, hair massages are also times of relaxation and bonding and the child can be seated during massages too. There are a variety of oils in the market , any hair oil or a ix of oils that the child’s skin is not allergic to will suffice. Castor oil, though thick, can be mixed with a thinner oil such as coconut oil for increasing hair thickness. Warm oil massages fight dandruff.
• Do brush or comb the child’s hair at least twice a day to retain shine and keep it tangle-free. Use a wide-toothed comb or detangler. When combing, divide into small sections first. Hold each section at the roots with the other hand while untangling with other hand. This will ensure minimum breakage hair fall and pain to the child.
• Do trim the child’s hair every 1.5 to two months to keep it healthy and neat.
• Do use natural products as far as possible.
• When outdoors, invest in and use quality bandannas/ hats/ caps as appropriate to minimize exposure to heat, dust, sun and smoke.
• Do use natural hair packs as the child grows older. Even 10 minutes of a hair pack containing henna, shikakai and oil will go a long way in bringing bounce and life into your child’s hair!

Dont’s Of Hair Care For Children

• Do not use adult products such as oils, cream, perfumes for children as they may contain harsh chemicals and damage their skin.
• Do not use hair dryers unless essential. If you must, keep it on a low setting and as far away as possible from the child’s scalp.
• Do not comb wet hair as hair loses elasticity and break more when combed wet.
• Do not continue using products if the child’s skin or hair shows symptoms of allergic reaction.

Follow these do’s and dont’s of skin for children and share your comments below.

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