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As we know that deadpool is the single most exclusive character in the marvel universe.Wade Wilson aka (deadpool) initially before becoming that finds out that he has a terminal cancer, which is irreversible.So, with the help of a team wade goes trough the same program logan(wolverine) did.Post the process, wade inherits the accelerated healing powers and a wicked sence of humor.Now deadpool is after the man who destructed his life and kidnapped his girlfriend,teams up with colossus and others,goes through a hilarious fun journey.Through this movie we get to witness a lot of kick ass action scenes , humor, visuals and the new dimension of a super hero in a movie.

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If there’s one common criticism raised against modern superhero movies, it’s that they all tend to feel homogenized. They all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but they also all adhere to similar formulas and patterns that make them feel of a piece. One can only see so much family-friendly CGI action before it all starts to blend together. Deadpool aims to be an R-rated, bloody, juvenile, and shamelessly vulgar antidote for those suffering from superhero fatigue. It succeeds at being R-rated, bloody, juvenile, and vulgar, but not much else.

Deadpool is a fairly unique comic-book character, so it would stand to reason his film adaptation would be fairly unique too. But for all its raunchy humor and winking nods to the audience, the story – what little there is – is actually of the fairly standard origin variety, complete with a costume-making montage and everything. This isn’t an inherent problem, but it becomes one when your film relies exactly on the same tried-and-true conventions that it purports to mock. Nothing is safe from Deadpool’s quips and zingers except the things that actually deserve derision. There are a few jabs at genre clichés, but for a film that is about going too far, it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Even if Deadpool had more pointed barbs, it probably wouldn’t matter because, apart from its opening and post-credits scenes, it’s not particularly smart. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a satire, but in reality it’s mostly just an endless stream of dumb one-liners that miss more frequently than they hit . The film is nothing if not self-aware, but pulling that off requires a certain amount of wit, something which is almost completely lacking here. It instead is too often content with substituting cursing and pop-culture references for cleverness. It often feels like the rampaging id of an adolescent male (the average teenager will think it’s the greatest movie ever), which would be admirable if it didn’t ultimately hedge its bets with the standard story elements. Deadpool is easily at its best when it’s deflating itself, but it’s far less focused than it should be and would rather hurl insults than express anything significant.

I’ll say this for Deadpool – at least it doesn’t feel like it was made by committee. The story winds up feeling like a compromise, but otherwise Ryan Reynolds and the filmmakers were clearly left to their own devices. Everyone is clearly enjoying themselves, and it really does feel like a movie that they wanted to make instead of one they were contractually obligated to. That enthusiasm goes a long way, even if Deadpool himself doesn’t. I also liked the comparatively small scale of the film, although it definitely feels out of necessity (budgetary reasons) as opposed to on purpose, like in, say, Ant-Man.

As puerile as Deadpool is, it is sort of refreshing to see a Marvel movie take such glee in having the restraints of a PG-13 rating lifted. I just wish they did more with that freedom, because make no mistake – Deadpool is even more aimed at children than the films it lampoons. I’ll take Punisher: War Zone instead.


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As we know that deadpool is the single most exclusive character in the marvel universe.

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