Khajuraho – a timeless place mesmerizing millions of backpacker

If history and ancient Indian architecture is what that interest you, Khajuraho is the one place that you ought to go. It is a large complex of ancient temples with sculptures rendering Kamasutra and others.


Khajuraho – the very word that takes you into a universe of eroticism and sensuality; a world where passions discover expression in stances; where desire and love are cut in stone, where skills and architecture mix and talk an all inclusive dialect of feelings and expressions. Strolling around Khajuraho is similar to entering a medieval universe of apsaras and divinities, mortals and fallen angels. It is simply apt to say that the place is an uproar of hues as the redness of the sandstone emerged in the midst of the blue sky and the green grass, taking you into an alternate world of passion. It is one of the most popular destinations on India tourism map and indeed sees a large count of tourists footfall every year. Browse through the lucrative Khajuraho tour packages and get going to the place.


Situated on the banks of Ken River’s tributary, these medieval landmarks that includes ancient temples and numerous sculptures and figurines carved on the walls, have put Khajuraho on the guide of World Heritage Sites. Built between the tenth and twelfth centuries by the Chandela Rajputs, the temples covered and in the midst of thick woods were not completely investigated till quite late and it is only in the the nineteenth century they were explored completely. Suggestive figures are everywhere throughout the walls, however Khajuraho isn’t just about erotica; it’s about the renderization of life in a time when sex was considered as normal as men going to work, kings and rulers planning for war, ladies doing family unit tasks, and such.

It is entirely intriguing to understand how the depictions on the walls is in contrast with the present day India. Hundreds of years back, the temples in India and the individuals were sufficiently liberal to explore the desire and science of our own bodies and to express them, even in front of their divine Gods whom they revered highly. Hundreds of years after and today, the temples are very strict about women dressing, our political leaders denounce nudist workmanship, and Bollywood’s depiction of sex is has taken it to very different direction.

Nonetheless, the temples of Khajuraho remain one significant aspect of the history and culture of India. Kandariya Mahadeva temple, devoted to Shiva, which is the biggest of all temples in entire temples complex is a must-visit. With around 900 statues and sculptures decorating the walls, portraying gods, mortals, creatures and fowls, one simply couldn’t miss the sexual carvings here. The outside of the temples that is the sculptures on the walls are scenes from life back in those times. Exotic, elegant, and passionate, these were a few of the raciest sculptures ever to be rendered on the walls of any landmark in the entire world.

Legend says that Khajuraho was established by Chandravarman, who is believed to be the child of the Hindu Moon God Chandra. The temples originally built temples by the Chandela administration, at first there were 85 in number, and today only 25 remain. It was between AD 950 to 1050, when these temples were built and one of the prime reasons why a portion of these temples still stand is from the fact that Khajuraho is basically amidst no place. The temples are divided into 3 groups, each equally impressive and magnificent.

Driving around Khajuraho, it becomes clear that the place is a small village set in the midst of calmness and serenity, and is spotlessly clean. The local people are quite simple and live a slow life, although it appears that modernization is making its impact on the region. You can still see the ancient art in practice in the form of poetry and other traditional arts, while some still make some brisk business of the Kamasutra.

The best time to visit Khajuraho is in winter and it is ideal to skip summer. There are numerous tour packages to avail, like family tour packages, heritage tour packages, etc. Avail one that suits your priorities and preferences the best and get going for yet another memorable vacation.

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