Latest, Updated Frameworks for PHP Development

PHP is one of the most popular and widely used languages that developers used to create web applications and promote development of the most complicated websites. Following are some important points that insist web development world to adopt this platform:

1. PHP is a language that comprises a platform-independent engine.

2. It does not follow OOP paradigm and supports only partial encapsulation.

3. PHP is an open-source that has well-supported IDEs and offers a wide range of innovative features.

In this tough competitive world, PHP developers have always opted for the latest updated PHP frameworks that have the ability to ease the development process and create web applications easily and smoothly. Some well-known frameworks for PHP development include:

Zend Framework(ZF): Zend Framework 1.10.8 is enriched with a variety of components that are capable to fulfill the developer’s needs and requirements in creating PHP development programs smoothly. All the components in this framework are object oriented thoroughly and support multiple database vendors and systems.

Drupal: Drupal 5.6 is an open source software package that permits PHP developers to develop, maintain and setup every kind of online web portals, e-commerce websites, directories, various social networking sites, etc.

Joomla: Joomla 1.6 is a typical content management system that makes an easy, flexible environment for developers to create websites and applications with proper functionalities. It is written in PHP and offers useful features like page caching, blogs, polls, RSS feeds, and support for language internalisation.

OS Commerce: This is software package for developing online e-commerce stores. The web server with PHP and MySQL can easily use this program. In fact, do you know that the latest version of OS i.e. OS 2.2 is wholly compatible with PHP 4 and My SQL version 5.

Symphony: Symphony’s version 2.0 is a unique blend of third party libraries and various web development practices. A full stack framework with compatible tools to create complex applications easily.

Laravel: Laravel 5.1.11 offers authorization support completely and organizes application’s authorization logic using simple policy classes. It also authorizes actions using expressive methods.

There are endless benefits of PHP frameworks that are experienced by various PHP development companies in India to create cost-efficacy applications and websites. Most frameworks also optimize the coding tool pattern and incorporate inbuilt core libraries that make the coding hassle free. PHP developers are much blessed with these frameworks as they are considered to be very secure.

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