Natural Home Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety or depression comes to you with a given situation. One can overcome anxiety or depression with proper realization and care. It is quite normal for many of us getting the feeling of nervousness and or fear before appearing for an examination/test or when you are first time with your loved ones. The uneasiness is to a given situation becomes an usual worry for many. Though it is a situational factor, the condition of anxiety and depression becomes excessive and it may lead to affecting one’s health and lifestyle as well.

How could you make sure that you are a victim of anxiety or depression? Look for any of these symptoms if you want to confirm yourself. A person suffering from anxiety or depression will have nervousness, fear and breathlessness due to the above said factors. Though these are all usual symptoms of anxiety, lack of sleep, irritability and indigestion also contributes to the symptoms of anxiety.

Here are the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Lack of sleep
Inability to remain calm
What Causes Anxiety and or Depression?

When you become over-stressed due to a scheduled task or because of your lifestyle, you are prone to anxiety or depression at some stage. Even medicinal side effects can bring you anxiety and depression. However, illicit drugs play a major role in causing anxiety and depression.

Causes of Anxiety and Depression

Excessive stress
Side effects of medication or illness
Illicit drugs
Withdrawal symptoms

Natural Home Remedies for Anxiety and Depression:

You need a cup of milk, almonds, saffron and honey to prepare a drink at home that cures anxiety and depression.

First, soak about 8 to 10 almonds in water overnight. In the morning, take the well-soaked almonds and peel off the skin. Crush the almonds. Add the crushed almonds in a cup of warm milk. In addition, add the soaked saffron and one spoon of honey to it. Now, mix all these contents well to be able to consume. Drink this once, everyday in the morning.

Though this is an effective home remedy to cure anxiety and depression, there is an alternative home remedy, if that suits you in preparing it at home.

The second natural remedial option. You need nutmeg powder, honey and orange juice to prepare a drink.

First, take a cup/glass of orange juice and add one tablespoon of honey with it (avoid adding sugar). In addition, add one tablespoon of nutmeg powder and mix it well or stir well. Drink this juice daily.

Have any of these drinks on a daily basis to come out of anxiety and depression. These remedies are completely natural that gives you permanent relief from anxiety and depression. Above remedial preparations are completely based on the principle of Ayurveda, which is an ancient Indian science of healing.

Studies suggest that chamomile tea can control anxiety effectively. Drink chamomile tea to suppress anxiety and depression. These above natural remedies for anxiety and depression should certainly help you in coming out of the problem. If it still persists and you feel that yours is an uncommon problem, it is good to consult a physician for further care.

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