Natural Tips to Have a Toned Skin and Body

It could be everyone’s wish to have a beautiful and toned body. There are methods and remedies for every common problem and for every basic needs through natural ingredients. How to get a toned body naturally? Here is the best method to get a toned body naturally. This is applicable for both men and women.

Follow this method at least two times a week to have a toned and shiny skin of yours. This beauty bath also makes your skin soft and healthy. What are all items needed to make this powder?

1. Wild Turmeric Powder (Aromatic Turmeric)
2. Sandalwood Powder
3. Sesame Oil
4. Green Gram Powder
Mix the wild turmeric powder and sandalwood powder in a bowel and keep. Now, boil the sesame oil to have a warm temperature. Do not allow the oil to get boiled too hot. More than warm and less than hot – the sesame oil should have mild hotness. Add the mixture of wild turmeric powder and sandalwood powder in the mild-hot sesame oil.

Tips for a toned body

Take the mixture of these three and apply it all over your body and face. Wet your body with water before applying this mixture. This will make a gentle flow while applying this paste.

Leave this on your body for about 30 minutes. Do not stay out in sun after applying this as sandalwood with hot sun will tan your skin. Do stay inside after the application. After 30 minutes, scrub your body gently using green gram powder. Much before this the green gram powder should be mixed in water to have a paste.

Apply this paste all over your body & face and gently scrub out. Have a shower without using any soap or lotion after this. Once you wash out all the paste from your body, you’ll feel fresh with natural smell on you.

Follow this at least twice a week to have a toned skin and shiny appearance. Though there is no particular time to have this beauty bath, during the day, morning hours are advised.

To have a toned skin and body, this method can be followed by both men and women. This is the best way to have a toned skin naturally at home. All these ingredients said above are available at home. A beautiful skin tone always adds beauty to your personality making you look wonderful.

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