Is it not too late to make money online?

Make money online: A lot of people, me included thought that if you haven’t got going with an online business by now you have missed the boat and it’s way too late now. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact consider the following:

1. The number of people using the internet is growing year on year worldwide – so you have more and more people to potentially sell your products too. Your potential marketplace to sell your digital product is vast and getting bigger.

2. There is a lot of good information and reputable sources of advice available online such as Warrior Forum. I suggest that you take a look at the site and keep reviewing it on a regular basis. Warrior Forum is a treasure trove of useful information from experienced individuals.

3. There are lots of companies who have developed products for making money online easier, for example Aweber (automated collection of email addresses and auto responders), PayPal (shopping cart functionality on your website) and so on. They are also relatively inexpensive to use on a monthly basis. You can also sell your digital products on platforms such as Clickbank and Amazon.

4. Certain websites have become huge and their reach is enormous. Consider how many people you can potentially reach through Facebook advertising. With over 1 billion users connected through one website – it is quite staggering.

Are you experiencing any of these stumbling blocks?

A lot of people myself included start out with good intentions of developing an online business only to come across a stumbling block and give up, it’s human nature. The good news is that I have not let these stumbling blocks defeat me; I have learned from them and put them down to experience. That’s the great thing about Dan’s Profit Plan; you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes I made along the way.

Tech Overload?

Having dipped in and out of online enterprises over the last six years, one thing I did get bogged down with unnecessarily was trying to understand and master the technical aspects of creating and getting a website live and looking nice and pretty and then getting frustrated when I couldn’t achieve the results I wanted.

One thing the internet has an abundance of is information, lots and lots of information. One piece of info could direct you one way only for you to realize that that particular method has become outdated or redundant and that you should be using another method. It’s important to know where to go for good information such as the Warrior Forum for example that I mentioned earlier in this post. You feel great when you have mastered a new method or technique only to find out that hey, that’s so last year. This can easily happen given the rapidly changing nature of the internet.

A lot of older material available online references Google and methods on how you can climb to page one of Google using particular SEO techniques. Then you realize that some Google update named after a random animal has been applied and all of what you have read, mastered or worse still spent money on is now not applicable. When you are coming to the world of internet marketing afresh it can be difficult to assess what information is actually relevant to make money today.

The problem with this scenario is the inclination to give up, or come back to the idea of making money online again a couple of months later or after a bad day at work. It’s important to stay focused and follow through.

Your first achievement is actually saying to yourself that I want to make money online and I am going to be really determined to succeed no matter what difficulties I come across or obstacles that are put in my way. I am just going to keep going and not give up until I succeed online. This is one of the most important aspects to making money online – sheer perseverance. It does help though if the plan you are persevering with is steering you in the right direction of course.

The power of focus and determination

This is an absolute key point. You need to allocate quality time to produce a quality product. What do I mean by that? For the purposes of an online business a product can be a website, digital product such as an eBook, product review, eBay listing etc.

Think to yourself, if you knew that you can earn money online, would you take a two week vacation from work and spend every day building a digital product to sell via your own website? How about the next step would you take a month’s unpaid leave from work to develop a digital product?

It’s not an easy call to make; I used to work in an office job that I didn’t particularly enjoy or like doing very much. However it paid the bills, which is why so many of us stay in jobs that we don’t particularly like doing. I decided to leave my office job after a life changing event.

I thought to myself I don’t want to get to old age and look back at my life and think all I did for 40 years was clock in day-in, day-out. I want to live life and give myself a chance to succeed and leave a legacy of wealth behind so my children can also enjoy the freedom that I created for myself. Don’t get me wrong there were times when I thought to myself what am I doing but I kept at it and persevered.

When are you at your most productive? Is it in the morning, afternoon, evening, weekend? Block off time to work on your online business. Turn off the TV, don’t get sidetracked by emails, cell phone or Facebook, clear the room completely of any distractions. You just want to sit down and really focus on getting the tasks completed on your to do list and let’s get a digital product out there so you can start making some serious money.

Procrastination is a killer and the guys that do make money online (myself included) are able to seriously churn through a serious workload. They may say they are only spending 30 minutes a day on their business and that well may be true now but it wasn’t when they were starting out and getting their products out there to begin with. Trust me, the concept of doing no work and getting lots of money is great but the reality is completely different.


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