How Parallax Scrolling Harm A Website design And Its SEO Valuation

Website design is an art as well as science. It requires creativity,visualization and artistic endeavor. With the passage of time website design companies are adopting change, cutting edge technology and latest trends are cornerstone of modern responsive website design. Parallax Scrolling is the trick that is used to gain the maximum attention and to attract the visitor.Website creator come up with refined visual and technical tricks.
Literally, Parallax is the graphical effect; which is created with the engagement of HTML5 and CSS3. It takes place when the background images move by camera slower than foreground images, in two dimensional picture this creates an illusion of depth and motion. Although negative and positive issues associated with Parallax Scrolling and it is used in a wide variety of websites like portfolios, corporate sites and landing pages. Where it leads to loyal visitor, the same it leads to low valuation for SEO ranking.
How parallax scrolling affects Website?
Loading time of the website becomes slow- Parallax is used for aesthetic and eye catching web design. But it reduces the speed of loading time, people on the internet have short attention span and limited time. Visitor will hit the back button, if thewebsite has long loading time.
The usability factor – The Usability factor is still unsettled questions with Parallax scrolling. Parallax is suitable for websites like Portfolio and landing page. If the website is just like showcase for you, where you only want to deliver the information like, about your company and how users can contact you then Parallax scrolling is ideal one.
De facto, there are two objectives behind creation of every website, either to provide relevant information to visitor, which they look for or to sell and promote the brand. Problems becomes complicated when Parallax Scrolling is misused and over used. New visitors are keen to read your blogs, articles, content and some additional information so in this scenario having Parallax Scrolling means you are presenting information in a haphazard manner, which can confuse the visitor and perhaps drive them away from your website.
Another drawback associated with Parallax Scrolling is that, it is neither impressive nor help you to drive more and more visitor to your site. It is only suitable for one time visit so if you are optimist to repeat the visitors or convert them into customer then just forget about it.
Does Parallax affect SEO?
Plenty of factors affect SEO in parallax scrolling so you cannot overlook. Inappropriate method can create disaster, so you need to tread the SEO road with caution.
• Loading time of parallax website is too long, so this not match the modern demand , where people want everything in short span of time
• It is not always browser friendly, so here always chance that it does not work properly across all web browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox and internet explorer. So extensive testing is mandatory to make sure that everything works properly across all web browsers.
• It is not mobile friendly, so Parallax site not meet with modern demand where people are extensively using smart phones for net surfing even it can be major problem for business.
Conclusion- It depends on the user, parallax becomes harmful than beneficial when it is either misused or overused. It is not bad in itself rather it is much like any other design trend so use it wisely for best result.

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