Secret Tips For Straight Silky Hair

Are you fed up with waves in your hair? A few home remedies can make your hair relatively straight than before. These natural ingredients protect your hair from harsh chemicals and strengthen your hair naturally. This helps you to achieve relatively desirable straight hair.

Mixture of coconut and lemon

Mix few drops of lemon juice with the freshly prepared coconut milk. Keep the mixture under refrigerator for few hours. Then apply the thick foamy layer on the scalp and hair.Steam your hair for 15-20 minutes after this and follow it up with a wash. Repeat this process regularly to get straighter hair.


Crush few celery leave with some added pure drinking water. Squeeze it to extract the juice and store it in bottle. The bottle has to be left unused for at least a day, so as to allow the juice to develop properties and effectiveness for straightening. Apply and massage your hair for 15-30 minutes and then wash your hair with warm water. This helps you in straightening hair.


Apply either boiled or cooled milk on your hair to add the moisture and smoothness to the hair. Use a spray bottle to apply milk on your hair to spread evenly. Milk is known for its moisturizing properties which are used for straightening the hair.

Castor oil

Castor oil is well known for its properties for the hair growth and to cure some hair problems. Massage the oil on the scalp and comb your hair continuously for 10 minutes to spread the oil over the hair. As you comb, blow dry your hair, which has been separated into sections, on high heat. The hair should get deep dry after being blowed. When the process completes, wrap it with a chilled water dipped towel and leave for half an hour.It will soothe the hair from excessive heat and will restore the straightness.

Hair Dryer and Hair Brush

This combination is something that people have seen in salons and spas. This can be done at home too! Get a hair dryer and a good hair brush, which will stretch and hold your hair firmly in place. Comb your wet hair and while it is still wet, use hair brush to stretch a section of hair by rolling it in end and then blow dry it. Repeat the process for other sections of wet hair till dry.

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