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One concept that I have always believed in with regards to making money online is that if you discover a method that does work for you, repeat it over and over again. The great thing about the internet is scale, you can scale up quite quickly (build numerous sites) once you have the correct plan in place, and more importantly a plan that will be ultimately profitable you can keep repeating it over and over again.

Most of the work required for an internet business is completed at the start (writing your digital product and producing your website), once a website is up and running it can pretty much run on autopilot (with some tweaks) over time. You can also outsource some of the work that is required to be completed at a later date when you start making some money.

I have achieved different degrees of success with some of the methods I have listed on Different methods I have tried to make money online. However, it is my honest opinion that the best method is to build your own digital product and sell it through a one page site. You spend the bulk of your time developing your own unique digital product and then use a Facebook advertising campaign to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Why do I favor digital products sold through a one page site as a method for making money online, consider the following:

1. You only need one page on your website with the sole focus of selling one digital product, such as an ebook. You do not have to worry about posting or maintaining lots of pages or trying to come up with interesting and unique content.

2. When you sell a product through your own website you should also collect your customers email address. This is a very valuable piece of information going forward. If you have a customer that buys your product they are more inclined to trust you and purchase another product from you in the future or one that you recommend to them. By building your email list you are building your future customer base. No website required in fact – perfect.

One page websites are quicker to set up and require less time. It’s hard to put the time aside when you have just worked a 10 hour shift and spent an hour getting to and from work by public transport. The last thing you want to do is sit for another couple of hours at your PC or laptop when you are already tired.

Top Tip: If you travel by public transport why not use the time productively to work on your online business (writing an eBook using your iPad for example whilst on the train or bus). I am assuming that you have the space to do so but it is a great way to utilize your time wisely.

3. We do not want to be overly obsessed with Google and any of their regular search engine updates. You will do some basic SEO on the site but will not rely on it to drive traffic to your website. Google rankings and subsequent traffic will come in time, however it is hard to get traffic to a new site relying solely on Google. People who have based their online businesses around Google traffic alone can and have struggled when Google tweak their search parameters. Almost overnight very lucrative websites have been wiped out as a result of this happening. By building a database of emails you side step any Google updates, as you have your own database of customers who you know are interested in what it is you have to sell.

Use a system or plan that actually works

I have built a tried and tested system to get you up and running and making real money online. It can be done a lot quicker than people think. Please don’t waste time going down to many dead ends and looking for a “get rich quick system” that so many people seem to fall for – myself included. So many people start out with the aim of making money online and don’t achieve the success that they had hoped for. They can also become overwhelmed with technical aspects of running a website that they quit and don’t give themselves the opportunity to succeed.

I want you to take a look at the below diagram, this is the cornerstone for Dan’s Profit Plan. This is the strategy that I would like you to implement. Together along with our Profit Plan we will get you up and running and making some real money online in no time. All you have to do is follow through and believe in yourself and your own abilities.

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