Social Media is not an experiment anymore, but a fundamental business strategy

”Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people.”

What do you conclude from the above proverb? By using an engaging content, you can embrace your brand image that leaves a powerful impact on your readers. So, use it wisely.

As noted in 2016 social media marketing report, social media marketing strategies are in the midst of symbolic change, driven by innovative technologies with more expectations. Before processing further, it is prudent to take a step back and analyze the social media landscape. Let us dive in then:

Instagram – photo sharing mobile app will rule as it is a kingdom of selfies at which youngsters excel. Hence, the audience stays young or younger with an addition of another 11.4 million users and Instagram advertising will roll out.

In fact, 76 percent of B2B marketers rely on social media driven technologies to market their products out of which some posts are accredited as popular social media posts. The same statistics go for webinars as well. Furthermore, B2B marketers who get connected with their customers emotionally earn twice by leaving a great impact.

In the near future, the social media pace will accelerate even more. Do you know that nine out of 10 US companies adopt social media tricks that increase exposure and improved sales more than expected. Social media has received a dignified popularity that brands hire a dedicated social media team. When performed correctly, the results are impressive and therefore, companies also get measurable great results.

Above all, social messaging is becoming one of the trends to make constant touch with your audience and it ranges from Facebook Messenger to whatsapp including hike and wechat. This technique is evolving as a key to one-to-one social customer service. By seeing this, Twitter also lifted its character limit in direct messages from 140 to 1000 characters per message.

Meanwhile, social video is also taking over in social media world. Do not miss this strategy as it is exploding at a great pace. Facebook has become a popularized platform as it has gained its daily video views to 8 billion by overtaking YouTube. In 2015, Twitter also came out with its own native video and Snapchat daily video views exceeds by 6 billion.

Lastly, social media demand is increasing highly as a business for companies and various popular social platforms have changed their business strategies fundamentally to reach and interact with customers, offer services and products and beyond that, communication.

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