Is Social Media Worth Your Marketing Strategy?

”Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”
A new day and the world welcomes you with a new social networking platform. Isn’t it? Every year, new social platforms enter the social media race and gain a decent number of members overnight. Nevertheless, these networks are continually trying hard to beat the race with their everyday innovative changes, but Facebook and Twitter still rule with their evergreen social media posts.
According to a survey conducted at the end of year 2015, 45 percent of users in US prefer Facebook over any other social channel.’Good content always has an objective; it’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.”
The above proverb proves true, when you plan a social media marketing strategy. You content must be engaging enough to make waves, as 20 percent of your content helps in achieving 80 percent of results.

Is your target audience using social media?
If you put every marketing strategy on one side, and weigh it against target audience, the scales would incline towards target audience. Yes, your sole focus should be on your target audience because it is truly what matters most.What is the use of social campaigns if your audience is not on social channels? What can be done in this scenario? Any guesses? Well, the solution is simple – research. You have to do some manual research. You can also encounter influencers in your niche on social media that bring profitable business opportunities for you.

Are you updating consistently on social media?
Consistency is the key to success when you adopt and follow any kind of marketing. Are you following this factor?

Ideally, social media marketing demands 1-3 posts a day to bring better results. Even if you are not able to manage this often, then update at least one post per day to make your audience feel your presence. Somehow, this makes only a small segment to see your post. That’s why, it is important to update frequently.

Furthermore, it is important to measure and quantify ROI of your social marketing efforts. To accomplish your plan, set your goals wisely. Define a proper strategy and how it can be led forward. Analyze what you want – do you want to increase brand awareness? Or promote your product or services? Or do you want to generate new leads?Once you are done with identifying your goals, then decide your social platform as the best medium to convey your message and with higher statistics of potential customers. Plan your strategic communication criteria and do not auto-post the same message on every platform. Vary your content to match the appropriate social outlet.

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