A Strong Connection Between Objective-C and iOS Developers

An invention of Swift language by Apple created a hope among iOS developers to become master in creating apps without learning Objective C. I have three points that these developers need to know:

– If you want to be master in creating iOS apps, then you have to learn every in and out of Objective C.

– Objective C is still easier than Swift.

– And once you fil yourself in Objective C, Swift will be automatically on your tips.

Before I proceed further, let me clear you with my love for Swift as it has a simple syntax. What Swift compiler actually does? It catches the bugs easily that certainly make the apps built using Swift reliable. In other words, one can say that Swift is an intelligent move to take the entire iOS and Mac OS X to the next level.

Here are some few points that an iOS developer must be clear about Objective C:

1. You can not perform every functionality with Swift. Yes, it is a fact that you can not do everything using Swift. For instance, if you want to use C++ library of codes in your app, then you have to talk to C++ objects from Objective C. Though Swift can call C functions, but if you are working with a bucket of C functions, then you would want to code in Objective C.

2. It is the language, the developers have used for the last six years and even the community talks about it. This language is used to describe how the Cocoa Touch libraries work. And if you can’t read Objective C, then you will never be able to understand this chunk of knowledge.

3. Whenever you find a bug, it will not aft its ugly head until its execution is deep in Apple’s code. You will need to understand Objective C, if you want to know what the bugger is telling you.

4. Though Swift looks great, but still it has an immature compiler. On the other hand, Objective C is stable and well-tested.

5. Swift has a number of rules that Objective C doesn’t have. Objective C – a little, simple extension to C is very easy to learn and understand.

6. Swift compiler works more than the programmer, which is not a good thing as later on, it turns to be fatal. When you look at any line of code, it won’t be understandable to the programmer anymore which creates chaos. Therefore, explicit languages are good for beginners.

There are many native iOS development companies in Chandigarh that are focusing equally on both the languages – Objective C and Swift. Do not forget that once you learn Objective C, Swift is not too far then.

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