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Software development is not a simple process like home apartments, where foundation, walls and roof appear in front of your eyes. It is very momentary where thousands of lines of code are there, a customer with non-technical background would see nothing until the developer assembles all the pieces in to one solid system. At the end, you can understand whether the product meets your expectations or not. But it could be possible that you are late if you want some slight changes due to your budget and deadlines. There are several reasons that make it imperative to choose the right software developer. Let us focus on some important points that need to be discussed:
1. Experience
Experience matters a lot whether it is of the development team or whole company. There are several points to look for that need to kept in mind:
– Technologies, they are working on;
– Projects, they are already done with;
– Size of the projects;
– Industries, they develop for.
In this case, you can take a proper technical interview of the team members individually and ask for their resumes to avoid risks as you are investing your amount in the project.
2. Choose the Geography per your budget
Yes, it should also be in your priority list as it makes a major difference. There is number of business automation software development companies all around the world and they offer their services as per the hourly rates, approaches and collaboration models. What you need to do is a correct Google search with appropriate keywords, since many web development companies are not definite about their services. The location of your chosen development company has an affecting influence on your project’s budget. Here is how much companies offer as per their geographic location:
– India and Pakistan charge 10–20/hour,
– Western Europe $40–60/hour,
– $100 to $200/hour and up for onshore US companies,
– Eastern Europe $25–45/hour.
3. Ask for recommendations
Though many companies claim to be the best IT services provider by giving their words of mouth, but it is the most depreciated way to rely over. It is a fact that people who do not belong to the organization would give more objective assessment rather than the developer does. Hence, in this case, contact previous clients to make everything crystal clear. There are other major factors that must be included in your list – proper communication, look for the company that provides comprehensive solution, specialized in web technologies, check their portfolios thoroughly, find companies that include UI/UX design into cost, ask for the quotes. By now, we hope you have found your best software development company.

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