Top 10 health benefits of figs in our daily life

Fig is naturally rich in phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Dried figs, indeed, are highly concentrated source of minerals and vitamins.

Health benefits of figs- #1: Strengthens your bones

Dried figs are excellent sources of minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc.

Health benefits of figs- #2: Improves digestion

Fresh, as well as dried figs contain good levels of B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine, folates, and pantothenic acid. These vitamins function as co-factors for metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It’s a natural laxative for preventing constipation and other digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Health benefits of figs- #3: Prevents cancer

Fresh figs are good in poly-phenolic flavonoid anti-oxidants such as carotenes. help in preventing cellular DNA damage due to free radicals that can make a cell cancerous.

Health benefits of figs- #4: Rich in antioxidants

Figs contain health benefiting soluble dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and pigment anti-oxidants that contribute immensely towards optimum health and wellness.

Health benefits of figs- #5: Prevents anemia

Dried figs are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. In fact, dried fruits are higher concentrated sources of energy, minerals and vitamins. Eating fig is a natural way to raise your hemoglobin levels indirectly by increasing the levels of iron in your body.

Health benefits of figs- #6: Protects against diseases

Due to the presence of anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, E, and K, figs protect us from cancers, diabetes, degenerative diseases and infections.

Health benefits of figs- #7: Controls diabetes

Chlorogenic acid in figs helps lower blood sugar levels and control blood-glucose levels in type-II diabetes mellitus.

Health benefits of figs- #8: Prevents hypertension

Fig helps to restore sodium-potassium balance. One dried fig gives you 129mg of potassium and just 2mg of sodium. This helps to prevent hypertension.

Health benefits of figs- #9: Prevents heart disease

As mentioned above they prevent hypertension, a huge risk factor for development of coronary heart disease (CHD). Plus, there are some studies which suggest that dried figs help to reduce the levels of triglycerides that contribute greatly to heart disease.

Health benefits of figs- #10: Improves reproductive health

Scientifically, figs improve fertility and libido because they are loaded with minerals like zinc, manganese and magnesium which play an important role in boosting reproductive health.

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