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Vastu, an age old study which determines the positioning of structures in co relation with the five elements of nature and the ten directions present in the universe, can set the pathway to success and glory if it is righteous implemented in one’s life. Dr. Puneet Chawla, a Vastu expert in India, claims that Vastu, if synchronized with the basic principles of life, can yield successful results towards health, happiness, prosperity and well-being.

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Money is the only source of survival for regular sustenance and support to life on earth. Vastu expert for Delhi, Dr. Chawla, says that one should never say that he/she is poor. Claiming oneself to be poor empowers the problem and assigns permanency to the present situation. What we sow so we reap. Similarly what we emit we receive it back. If we think negative, it reverts back to us negatively and if we are positive in our thoughts, our actions also yield positive results. Hence we should always try to maintain a positive environment around us and think and act positively. Regarding money matters, always try to pay your dues and advances on time. The North is the giver of wealth and prosperity, so face the north while working which in turn would open doors for newer opportunities to seep in. Learn to value time because time is money. Check for water slopes within your house, they should never flow towards the south or south-western directions. Allow free flow of the positive North Pole energy coming from the northern directions by keeping the passage from north to south free from obstructions. Also, store this energy by blocking the south so as to capitalize on it for future benefits. Always use the prosperous directions like the north and the east for the main entrance into the house. Take intense care to beautify them and keep them clean, free from clutter, both from inside as well as outside the premises. Hang and place your wall clocks and calendars on the northern walls so as to make time run in favor of you.

Dr. Puneet Chawla, a Vastu expert in Gurgaon and Noida, makes it clear that Vastu principles lay down suggestions for every problem of life with simple and easily follow-able solutions. They not only show a path towards success and prosperity but also carve a niche for name, fame and wealth. Being a Vastu expert for Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi, Dr. Chawla has thousands of fan-following in Delhi and NCR as his policies for Vastu do not involve destruction or breaking down of existing property. Dr. Chawla suggests remedial measures like positing the right direction with the right element of nature, using crystals and pyramids and so on which all have scientific backing, so as to rectify the Vastu faults within any given structure. This makes him a reputed Vastu expert across India and also the entire globe.


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