Web Development: Best PHP Frameworks For 2016

PHP is known as the best and widely used server-side scripting language in the world of web development. In this tough competitive world, many PHP development companies in India are looking for the best PHP frameworks that will rule in 2016.

Though it has become difficult to build complex applications and sites, but it can be easily done with the help of various PHP tools and frameworks. These frameworks always contribute in developing complex software application.

The PHP frameworks build generic components that make you to spend more time to particular tasks as well as functionality. With many skills in its pocket, it is not easy to decide about which PHP framework to use as every platform has its own specialty. Let us have a detailed discussion about them:

#1: PhalconPHP

It is one of the fastest frameworks that work best for the master developers. It suits intermediate developing team as well. The best aspect is that you do not have to learn C language. Basically, this framework is written as a C-extension, which is highly optimized. Some of its best features that made to rank on the top amongst the PHP frameworks:

– Learning curve is easy.

– Easy to use ORM in this platform.

– Clean and clear intuitive API with solid code written on powerful design patterns

#2: Symfony

After PhalconPHP, there comes Symfony – an amazing framework used to create websites and apps. With almost 300,000 developers on the board, it has been built on tops of Symfony components such as Drupal, EZ Publish, and phpBB. Its features include:

– A suitable set of reusable PHP components.

– It is easy to install and configure on various platforms.

– Flexible to use and adapt in complex cases.

– Ease to code with phpDocumentor comments.

– Allows for integration for other vendor libraries.

#3: Laravel

When talked about PHP frameworks, then Laravel tops the list as it has the ability to increase your project skills and includes features like restful routing, light weight tempting engine or native PHP. If you want a flexible development at a faster rate, then Laravel is the best option. It has built-in unit testing and readable impressive syntax.

#4: Yii

If you want to give your best performance, then go for Yii – a free, open-source framework to create web apps and APIs. The best facet is that it is written in PHP5 and promotes clean design, pumps rapid development. It requires zero configuration that makes the task easier. Yii helps in collecting input in a very easy way.

#5: CakePHP

If you are looking for an elegant toolkit for creating visually impressive web apps, then CakePHP is the framework for you. It is best for beginners. It has MVC pattern that supports data handling, along with the model class that can perform various functions – insert, delete, update, and read the data from the database. Moreover, it has proper ORM features that convert data between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages.

These are the popular PHP frameworks that help beginners in topping the web development field to develop CMS based web apps and sites.

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