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Let’s start and get down to work on your Profit Plan, firstly you will need to decide what to base your first digital product on. There are a couple of options available to you, they are:

1. What are your hobbies and interests?

2. Are you a professional (such as an accountant, teacher etc)

3. What is your area of expertise?

4. Can you write about your experiences or expertise?

5. Will others benefit from your experience/expertise?

6. Can you write an eBook about your experience/expertise?

If you can utilize any of the above that should be your starting point.

Top Tip: I actually carry around with me a small notebook, because I never know when I will get an idea. If an idea comes to me I jot it down and review it later. I actually found one of my old notebooks recently and reading through it I could see some ideas that I followed through with and other ideas that I had disregarded.

At the very start you do not need a computer just a notebook or a flipchart/blackboard to brainstorm on – I’m sure you have all seen episodes of The Apprentice TV show where they do this at the start of a task – this is no different.

When opting for the first approach ask yourself is there a market for my digital product? Will enough people buy it? For example if your passion is European stamps printed in 1870 – 1890 will enough people want to buy a book on that particular subject, probably not.

Another approach to take is what are people actually buying online – where is there a demand for information? You can also use this approach for subsequent eBooks (if you have tapped out all your experience/expertise in your first eBook). Areas where there is a huge demand for information include:

  • Health related/weight loss
  • Investment related/FX trading
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online marketing/website development

The above topics are already well covered online, however, you can drill into them a little further, take a sub heading and develop it further. For example is there a particular diet that you could write about, is there a FX trading system that you tried and could write about?

You will obviously need to do your research to ensure that you have enough material to develop at least a 50 page eBook. You could also consider hiring somebody to complete the research for you on Up Work. As we mentioned already there is so much information available online now you could simply collate it in the form of an eBook – become a curator of useful information.

Once you have chosen the topic/niche that you are going to write your eBook on that is half the battle. Build a simple one page site where people can buy your product from you and then send thousands of people to your site via targeted traffic (Facebook campaign). I have included a html page site template as an added bonus in Dan’s Profit Plan so you don’t have to spend time working on developing your website – I have done it for you. As your eBook is unique, you can charge a slightly higher price for it than the cost of the Facebook advertising. The amount you receive from sales less the cost of the traffic will give you your first online profits.

Your aim is simply to sell three eBooks a day to start with, if you sell more great, step up your Facebook campaign to sell more. Let’s not over complicate the process it really is that simple. Remember once you have your eBook written and your site set up that’s it. List your product on Clickbank and let experienced internet marketers promote and sell your product for you.

You can then move onto your next digital product, the key point to remember is that you should spend the bulk of your time developing and producing your digital product (not a website). Once you have developed your digital product move onto the next one. Just like a songwriter should not spend all their time trying to write one perfect song.

Some webmasters argue that you should not spend your time developing too many sites. For me that needs to be defined a little further. If you are building a site like we are just to sell one digital product you should move on to your next eBook (and website) once you have completed your first digital product. The more digital products you produce the more diversified and larger your income will be.

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To define this concept further I believe that you shouldn’t work on more than one digital product at any given time. Well at least not at the beginning, when you become more experienced at producing eBooks you might be able to handle multiple publications. However to start off with I suggest you do one eBook at a time.

At the start get one eBook developed and the website up and running as quickly as possible. Complete all the steps in the Profit Plan and then when you start making money either crank up your SEO efforts or repeat the process with a different eBook. Don’t spend an age building the perfect eBook or site and then get no sales. I want you to get your eBook and website up quickly and then assess it from there.

Methods I use for writing eBooks

I am going to give you some examples I use for writing effective eBooks, just like this one.

1. Decide firstly on what you are going to write your eBook on.

2. Using your notepad in front of you decide on a beginning, middle and an end. This should be in the form of:

– An introduction

– What issues/problems/drawbacks do you see in this particular niche

– Your experience of what material is currently available in the niche

– Your personal experience (if available)

– What problem will your eBook fix/solve, how is your eBook different/what is your unique selling point (USP).

– Write about the different steps involved, this could be a diet plan, trading strategy, website building etc.

– Conclusion, what you hope to have achieved in your eBook and what users should get out of it.

3. Start to “pad out” the above headings by having your PC/laptop out in front of you. When writing the hardest part is to start. Once you have a rhythm going you can then go back and add other chapters later. You might for example realize that your diet worked because it didn’t include “x”, this realization that “x” doesn’t work could be the basis then for another chapter and so on.

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